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Twitter exploded yesterday with seemingly endless Andrew McCutchen trade rumors, intensifying to the highest point it’s probably ever been. Websites debated which teams had the prospects to get a deal done for the former MVP. Some are saying the Pirates are now the aggressor in trade talks, while many wonder whether the Pirates will settle in a deal or get a fair package.

First, we saw Ken Rosenthal say that a McCutchen trade looks “increasingly likely.”

Then, we saw Jeff Passan chime in with a string of tweets:

John Perotto had some thoughts as well:


So, what does all of this mean?

Well, for starters, it sounds as though McCutchen will certainly be traded this winter. We knew they were shopping him, but now it seems like the Pirates are the team calling other teams, actively trying to trade McCutchen.

It also sounds like the return for McCutchen might not be great. If it turns out to be similar to what Perrotto has speculated, the fan-base will certainly be underwhelmed. You start to wonder at what point is it worth trading McCutchen and when does it turn into solely a salary dump?

A smart front office would only take an offer that blows them away, or is at least above-average. Neal Huntington seems to be operating like they have to trade McCutchen this off-season, and that it’s not in the realm of possibility for him to improve his play next year. I just hope that they only make a deal if it makes sense for the club, and don’t deal the face of their franchise because they feel they have to.

In more news, Matt Joyce signed with the Oakland A’s yesterday as well;

I was hoping the Pirates would amp up efforts to sign Joyce with Sean Rodriguez gone. Now the team lost two great bench options for next season. We’ll see if they look internally to fill those spots or explore the free agent pool.

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