Pirates Breakdown is beyond pleased to announce a renewed partnership with one of its longtime supporters


When we started Pirates Breakdown, we had a simple vision: to provide quality Pittsburgh Pirates analysis and help to connect fans to the team in unique ways.

By and large, we like what we’ve been able to do to this point in our existence. And we’ve done that in no small part thanks to the generosity of one of our biggest supporters, Dr. Brent Shealer.

You know, the guy whose banner has been on PBD since basically the beginning?


Shealer Chiropractic has been a long-time advertiser on Pirates Breakdown. One of the first to take the leap with us, Dr. Shealer’s support helped this site grow in ways that we are still currently wrapping our heads around. Not only has his advertising dollars helped us grow, but he also sends us some quality vintage baseball cards with each invoice.

No joke. The last time I got a letter in the mail from him, it included Pete Rose and Jimmy Snuka cards. That’s high class, and you can’t teach that.

It is only fitting then that Dr. Shealer has decided to take his support for PBD to the next level. Beginning today, Shealer Chriopractic will be the exclusive content sponsor of our Spring Training/2017 Preview pieces. Each day at noon we will post an in-depth look at the 2017 Pittsburgh Pirates, from player previews to examining a pre-season storyline in depth. Dr. Shealer’s support has made such in-depth coverage possible, and for that we thank him.

Not only should you check out Dr. Brent if you are in need of chiropractic care by hopping over to his website, but you should also follow the good doctor on twitter. He’s an outstanding follow, dishing out gems like these daily:

All kidding aside, Dr. Shealer’s support has been nothing short of everything to us, and we asked him what made him want to take this leap with us. Here is his reply:

“The group at PBC offers not only the best Pirates coverage, but they’re also some of the most socially active writers. When it comes to advertising, it’s vitally important to team up with a group that provides great content that captures their readers. It’s also crucial to work with folks that engage their readers. When you combine that with their ability to promote my brand over social outlets to their vast readership, advertising with them is a complete win-win!”

Dr. Brent Shealer

Our advertising for Dr. Shealer is effective, because we highly value our relationship with his business. We can do the same thing for yours. Contact us today – advertise@piratesbreakdown.com – and we would be happy to send you our fully detailed Media Kit, telling our story from start to now, but more importantly, telling you what we can do for your business.

Jason Rollison-
Pirates Breakdown Editor-In-Chief

Jason Rollison

Jason Rollison has been analyzing baseball and the Pirates in one way or another for 4+ years. Jason's previous stops include rumbunter.com, Pittsburgh Sporting News, Call To The Pen and several print publications. He also covers the State College Spikes for the Centre County Gazette (State College, PA) When it comes to analyzing baseball, he likes to take a middle-of-the-road approach, with one foot on the analytics side of the fence and the other on the old-school side. Having said that, he is a sucker for pitchf/x. Jason has appeared as a phone-in and in-studio guests in numerous outlets, including Trib Live Radio and 93.7 The Fan (CBS Sports Radio)