Pittsburgh Pirates fans are no strangers to debate. It makes perfect sense, then, that PBD introduces its new debate show on PBD Radio

The Pittsburgh Pirates are a very polarizing club.

Some of the ensuing debate circles around off-the-field issues – rightfully so – and still some swirls around the actual action we see for 162-plus games every season.

It is only fitting, then, that Pirates Breakdown introduces its newest addition to our Pirates Breakdown Radio podcast feed.

We’re calling it CANNONBALLSand here now is the first episode:

Cannonballs will be a weekly, 15 minute show moderated by our own PBD Radio chief Steve Kubtiz. Each week he will welcome some of the writers and editors you see here at Pirates Breakdown to oversee a three-question debate. We also plan to welcome a few special guests along the way.

He will pick a winner of each episode – those that have the strongest, most lucid takes – and just like in the playground, winner stays on for next week.

Cannonballs is meant to be fun, simple and hopefully thought-provoking. Our goal with this show is to get into the minds of you, our readers and listeners, and be a voice for the big questions that all Pittsburgh Pirates fans are asking.

This is part of our Pirates Breakdown Radio feed, where you’ll find all kinds of audio content perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle. Cannonballs joins our other audio content – such as interviews, weekly shows, prospect-specific shows and much more – on PBD radio, your one-stop audio feed for great Pittsburgh Pirates content.

You should really consider subscribing to the feed so you get the latest episodes of all shows automatically.  Here’s how:

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Jason Rollison

Jason Rollison has been analyzing baseball and the Pirates in one way or another for 4+ years. Jason's previous stops include rumbunter.com, Pittsburgh Sporting News, Call To The Pen and several print publications. He also covers the State College Spikes for the Centre County Gazette (State College, PA) When it comes to analyzing baseball, he likes to take a middle-of-the-road approach, with one foot on the analytics side of the fence and the other on the old-school side. Having said that, he is a sucker for pitchf/x. Jason has appeared as a phone-in and in-studio guests in numerous outlets, including Trib Live Radio and 93.7 The Fan (CBS Sports Radio)