The Pittsburgh Pirates may be struggling but there are a few things that keep this team grinding – family, unity and ties to past greats.

Let’s begin with some Bucco family love.


The Pirates recently held their annual Family Day, which included family portraits on the field. The results, as communicated via the players themselves, were sweet and sometimes very funny.

Jose Osuna and his family were all smiles…

La familia siempre será la mayor Bendición… Gracias Dios por mi hermosa familia… @karladosuna2201

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As was Jose Osuna and his EXTENDED family, fellow Venezuelan Francisco Cervelli and his girlfriend, Migbelis!

Andrew McCutchen and his wife, Maria, posed with a sweet little #22 jersey, for their baby boy – due in December.

Family Day 2017. #LilCutchOnTheWay

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Cutch might take a cue for Jordy Mercer, who is also expanding his brood come the off-season, as to what next year’s family photo might look like:

Josh Harrison is ALSO on that baby-train, and he and his girls were more than ready for their close up:

If there are any Pirates players who are NOT looking to start or expand their family, I suggest they steer clear of the water in the clubhouse, because in yet another family day photo, this time one posted by David Freese, we see, yet another beautiful baby bump (and also, could that be BobDog?):

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And if Jordy Mercer’s photo of his two uniform-clad towheads was a reference for the first-time fathers-to-be, so too, should Trevor Williams’, which definitely paints a very realistic picture of what it’s like to wrangle a toddler for a photo – major leaguer or not:

We also had a great time at the Pirates Annual Family Day on Sunday! This is our favorite family pose

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Wade LeBlanc’s little boys have gotten great use out of their Pirates uniforms, and it looks like they spent a fair amount of time practicing their slides, as boys should, before they posed for their photo:

Chad Kuhl used his Family Day photo as a birthday post for fiancee Amanda (#Smart)

Here's to 2️⃣5️⃣ 💥 Happy Birthday 💥

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And while this one isn’t from Family Day (I’m not sure he was with the team then), this photo from newly acquired reliever George Kontos, definitely deserves to appear here (#LittleSistersRock):

Current Events

We saw a week in the US that involved the type of anger, hate and violence that frankly, should be long in our past (that is if it has to be in our world at all). Some players responded:

This one isn’t from a player, but it’s about one and it made me laugh – when honestly – there’s not much to laugh about in this issue:

Happy Birthday #21

Speaking of current events, yesterday was what would have been the 83rd birthday of one of baseball’s greatest humanitarians, someone who in his time battled racism and broke down barriers for players of Latin American descent, Roberto Clemente. And the Pirates, current players and alums, and MLB didn’t let it pass without a worthy celebration.

And Finally…

Since I’m an avid user of social media, and I’m known to be lurking about the Pirates and the team’s players’ social feeds on the reg, I thought I’d offer some helpful advice to sports fans:

If you’re irrationally angry at a baseball player for doing his job, (which is something that only around 150 other people in the world can do on that level, mind you) and feel he’s not performing it up to your high standards (which you’ve set while most likely consuming sports on TV), perhaps you might just want to stew on it for the night. Nothing good can come from your chirping at said baseball player – especially when you threaten him, try to demean him and make light of his recent battle with cancer. Not only will you get smacked down by said player – who was much nicer in his response tweet than a lot of people would have been (perhaps it’s the Canadian ancestry) – but you will also face the wrath of many of the guy’s 36,500 Twitter followers.

Just a thought.

And…that’s all this week for the Pittsburgh Pirates Social Media Round-up. The Pirates hope to snap their losing streak when they take on the St. Louis Cardinals again today at 4:05 p.m. Have a great weekend and #LetsGoBucs!

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