Live Notes: Tyler Glasnow returns to the Majors

Tyler Glasnow will make his return to the Pittsburgh Pirates tonight. It may end up being a pivotal start for the youngster. Follow along with PBD in the debut of our live notes.


Steve Kubitz September 13, 20179:31 pm

Tyler Glasnow’s re-debut is complete and it was U G L Y. Some bad luck but mostly a very poor outing. 2.2 innings. 5 runs, 4 hits, 5 walks, 3 strikeouts. Definitely not what anyone wanted to see from the top prospect.

Steve Kubitz September 13, 20179:25 pm

Might be the best guess for Glasnow’s continued MLB struggles.

Steve Kubitz September 13, 20179:14 pm

Eric Thames blasts his 30th home run, this one a two-run shot to give the Brewers a 3-1 lead.

Jason Rollison September 13, 20178:45 pm

Is Glasnow perhaps tipping his pitches as this reader thinks?

Steve Kubitz September 13, 20178:43 pm

Steve Kubitz September 13, 20178:41 pm

Wade LeBlanc was warming up when Glasnow got that strikeout. Never a good sign when a reliever is warming up in the first inning.

Steve Kubitz September 13, 20178:39 pm

Tyler Glasnow getting a huge taste of adversity in his return to the Big Leagues as the bad call costs him at least one run.

Jason Rollison September 13, 20178:36 pm

Jason Rollison September 13, 20178:34 pm

There are bad calls.

there are times when a pitcher gets squeezed.
and then there is what happened to Glasnow just now
Jason Rollison September 13, 20177:31 pm

To answer Tony’s question I’m going to say 6IP. And that’s all I’m comfortable predicting copout

Jason Rollison September 13, 20177:17 pm

So while we wait for the game, we would love to hear your ideal 2018 pirates rotation. Is Glasnow in your starting five?

Jason Rollison September 13, 20177:02 pm

And we’re off! I’ll be around for a litte bit until Steve Kubitz joins the fray!

Jason Rollison September 13, 20174:51 pm

Priming the Pump

Let’s start by recapping Glasnow’s major league performance in 2017 to date

Of course, Glasnow was sent down to Triple-A Indianapolis for the bulk of his 2017 season. Here now is a look at his performance there:

That is a striking difference nearly across the board. Although it was Triple-A, the good habits that Glasnow picked up while under Indians’ pitching coach Stan Kyles’ tutelage — the approach, mainly — should be transferable to the major leagues.

But what do YOU think? Let us know what’s most important to you on Twitter:

tables courtesy of Baseball Reference

Jason Rollison September 13, 20174:34 pm

In a season full of disappointment, Pittsburgh Pirates fans could get a shot of optimism tonight when Tyler Glasnow returns to a Major League bump in Milwaukee versus the Brewers.

So what better time, then, to test out our new live notes post? We will use this space to talk all things Tyler Glasnow, inning by inning. We’ll analyze his delivery, his mechanics, his results, his demeanor…everything’s on the table, really.

In the future we aim to use these types of posts every now and then to take a communal look at a hot topic in Pittsburgh Pirates circles. Oh, you didn’t know you were a part of this? Well, surprise! We’ll be taking your tweets, your facebook comments, and more! Updates will come in streaming style, like a liveblog! Got something to say? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook or here in the comments below! Our intrepid live note-taker Steve Kubitz will make sure your voice is heard!

Jason Rollison

Jason Rollison has been analyzing baseball and the Pirates in one way or another for 4+ years.

Jason’s previous stops include, Pittsburgh Sporting News, Call To The Pen and several print publications. He also covers the State College Spikes for the Centre County Gazette (State College, PA)

When it comes to analyzing baseball, he likes to take a middle-of-the-road approach, with one foot on the analytics side of the fence and the other on the old-school side. Having said that, he is a sucker for pitchf/x. Jason has appeared as a phone-in and in-studio guests in numerous outlets, including Trib Live Radio and 93.7 The Fan (CBS Sports Radio)

  • Tony

    What up PBD ppl!

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  • Pirates Breakdown

    Hey everyone!

  • Tony

    So prediction on glasnows return?

    I’m going 5 innings. 4 hits. 3 walks. 2 runs, and 6 Ks.

  • Tony

    Ideal rotation for 2018:

    I don’t think anyone moves.. I would be open with moving cole or Nova though and giving Kingham a shot at the rotation.

    • leadoff

      Beg to differ, Williams and Kuhl are better pitchers than anyone on that list, if you have been watching the last two months.

    • redrage97

      out of spring with current options.

      Kuhl and Williams fighting for the final spot

      Brault and Glasnow looking in waiting for their chance to try again.

  • Neal Andrus

    That was unreal. Straight down the middle