Pittsburgh Pirates Wake Up Call – Waiver Claims Aren’t Sexy

In our daily Wake-Up Call, we get you ready for the day with a complete look at all things Pittsburgh Pirates.


The first move of the offseason

Yesterday the Pittsburgh Pirates claimed Nik Turley off waivers from the Minnesota Twins. A waiver wire move isn’t going to garner a huge reaction but Turley put up a 2.45ERA in 92 minor league innings last season. Turley is a 6’4, 200 pounds lefty with some decent stuff. However, he is a 27-year-old Minor Leaguer for a reason. I am sure he will compete for a bullpen spot in Spring Training but he isn’t going to be a game-changing pitcher for the team by any means.

Any time the Pittsburgh Pirates make a minor move, you see a lot of weirdly negative fan reaction to it. Every team makes waiver claims for pitchers like Turley. They also make Minor League Free Agent signings, which the Pirates will undoubtedly do very soon. Moves like that don’t mean the Pirates aren’t committed to winning or won’t sign actual MLB-worthy players. Waiver claims and Minor League Free Agents exist to simply fill out Spring Training rosters. However, as the last two offseasons have shown us, the Pirates may sign MLB-worthy players but it doesn’t mean they’re signing particularly good MLB players.

The Pirates will make some moves this offseason but only time will tell if they are good deals or bad deals. Sometimes a mediocre pitcher turns into Edinson Volquez and sometimes they turn into Ryan Vogelsong.

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Steve Kubitz

Steve Kubitz was born and raised in the Stanton Heights neighborhood of Pittsburgh, PA. He is a long time and annoyingly positive baseball fan. He bought into the Pirates' 5-year-plan before it was cool. He is best known for staying calm about losing streaks on twitter and trying his best to make sure other fans don’t overreact to when the Pirates lose a tough ballgame to a division rival. The only thing he isn’t positive about is the wave during close ballgames.