Pittsburgh Pirates Wake Up Call: The Long Offseason Continues

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We’re still waiting

As I am sure you all know, the Pittsburgh Pirates are in talks to trade Gerrit Cole. A deal was in place with the Houston Astros, then it wasn’t. This offseason has been genuinely fascinating because of how uneventful it has been. The biggest story for the Pittsburgh Pirates has been a non-trade.

A potential Gerrit Cole trade will cause a huge reaction and it absolutely should. You’re allowed to be angry about it and you’re allowed to be happy about it. Personally, I like Gerrit Cole and think he would help the Pirates win games in 2018. However, I am just happy to see the Pirates hopefully settle on a direction. I have harped on the directionless offseason approach for the Pirates a lot recently. A directionless plan of attack only hurts the Pirates in the short and long term. Trading Gerrit Cole may make the team worse in the coming year, but if the return if right, it could make the team substantially better in 2019 and beyond.

If you are in the angry camp over a potential Cole trade, that’s okay too. The Pirates won 75 games last season, so realistically, adding a few pieces could jump them to 85 wins and contention. However, it seems like that really isn’t in the cards for Neal Huntington. He seems very focused on subtracting pieces or returning mostly the same team as last season. There is still plenty of time before the end of the offseason but hopefully, the Cole tease wasn’t just that and the Pittsburgh Pirates will finally settle on a direction.

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Steve Kubitz

Steve Kubitz was born and raised in the Stanton Heights neighborhood of Pittsburgh, PA. He is a long time and annoyingly positive baseball fan. He bought into the Pirates' 5-year-plan before it was cool. He is best known for staying calm about losing streaks on twitter and trying his best to make sure other fans don’t overreact to when the Pirates lose a tough ballgame to a division rival. The only thing he isn’t positive about is the wave during close ballgames.
  • redrage97

    I’d be reasonably satisfied if the team started the year with the same team as last year if they where all healthy. They only player they HAVE to decide on this season is cutch. they can make him a reasonable offer based on his lousy and a bit above average performance the past two seasons or they can see how he does.

    If he does reasonably well they can always QO him for pick or another year.

    If they keep cole he’ll probably do better than last season, rebuild value for a later trade If Keller, Kingham, Glasnow, Williams, Kuhl, Braut… etc appear ready to step up.

    • Bobby Ewing

      you have got to be kidding on the first point keep the team that they had last year

      • redrage97

        well this roster we have currently. its already better than last years even being short a few pen pitchers lol.. i don’t want Antonio back 😉

        • piratemike

          I understand what you’re saying , if Marte doesn’t get busted again and other players stay off the DL that would be an improvement plus in theory the young pitchers should improve with the experience they gained but this team needs better players and they are not going to get better standing pat. NH has some tough decisions to make lets hope he makes the right ones.