Pittsburgh Pirates Wake Up Call: The Honor of an Opening Day Start

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We have real scheduled starting pitchers

Yesterday the Pittsburgh Pirates announced their Opening Day and Home Opener Starters and neither were surprising. Ivan Nova will start Opening Day in Detroit as the Pirates take on the Tigers. Opening Day at PNC Park will see Jameson Taillon taking the ball for his first Home Opener start. Both players are definitely worthy of this honor.

Ivan Nova getting the Opening Day start is a really nice feather in his cap. This would be the first Opening Day start for the eight-year Big League veteran. Opening Day is simply just game one of 162 but for a pitcher, it’s truly a privilege to be given that start. For at least one day, you are the team’s top starting pitcher.

Jameson Taillon is obviously a young pitcher but with the Gerrit Cole trade, there is no doubt who the Pirates see as their next ace. It makes all the sense in the world that Taillon would get the Home Opener assignment and not just because of his talent. The Pittsburgh Pirates have received a ton of heat this offseason and I guarantee you, there is some worry about fan backlash at the Home Opener. Taillon is very popular with the fans for obvious reasons. His first Opening Day start is a cause for celebration and should give the fans something to cheer about for at least one day.

Glasnow Spring Struggles

The Pittsburgh Pirates will have a fairly young pitching staff this year. One of the key pieces is Tyler Glasnow. So far this spring, he hasn’t really shown much in the way of improvement. In 7.2 Spring Training innings, Glasnow has an 11.74ERA.  There have been some rumblings that Glasnow may begin 2018 in the bullpen and with how he has looked so far, it may be the bullpen in Indianapolis.

It is important to remember that Spring Training numbers don’t really matter all that much but for a young guy, they do carry a little bit of weight. Glasnow is coming off a disastrous 2017 season, so he has a lot to prove. Spring Training is important for the younger guys that are trying to prove they belong on the Big League roster. If Glasnow continues to struggle, his spot in Pittsburgh is far from assured.

Tyler Glasnow is still a very young pitcher, so it’s not really impossible to foresee a future where he is a productive MLB pitcher but the time for him to prove himself is now.

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Steve Kubitz

Steve Kubitz was born and raised in the Stanton Heights neighborhood of Pittsburgh, PA. He is a long time and annoyingly positive baseball fan. He bought into the Pirates' 5-year-plan before it was cool. He is best known for staying calm about losing streaks on twitter and trying his best to make sure other fans don’t overreact to when the Pirates lose a tough ballgame to a division rival. The only thing he isn’t positive about is the wave during close ballgames.