Pittsburgh Pirates Wake Up Call – stress innings are a real thing

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Yesterday the Pittsburgh Pirates spoiled the Chicago Cubs and Sister Jean’s party by beating the north-siders in their home opener, winning 8-5.

The teams traded blows until the third inning, when the Pirates tacked on three to push the lead to 4-2, which they never looked back from.

It was in that third inning that I was struck by the effect that a “stress inning” can have on a pitcher, Cubs starter Tyler Chatwood in this case.

The concept of stress innings is nothing new, yet still hard to quantify. Of course, a pitcher who can get out of an inning in 10 pitches or less would generally be considered to have had an “easy inning.”

But, what determines a “tough” or “stress” inning? Many have attempted to quantify this, yet beyond the obvious — if a pitcher is laboring for 25+ pitches in an inning, for example — doing so is an almost impossible task.

I’m going to save my best attempt at quantifying this for another day, but it was clear to me yesterday that Chatwood was affected in the third by Josh Harrison toying with swiping a bag. Take a look at the at-bat against Starling Marte when Harrison was on base:

Marte certainly did his part by extending the at-bat against some good pitches, but five pickoff attempts among eight pitches is certainly substantial, and very likely affected Chatwood as he tried to limit any damage.

The concept of “stress innings” still needs some work. Even to the layman, the Pittsburgh Pirates caused some stress on a quality starting pitcher last night in the third, and the result led to a win.


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