In the world of baseball, there is a constant debate about how much propulsion different bat types can give the ball, and if this affects the performance of the players or give an unfair advantage to any ball player during play. Different bat types can be used in different baseball leagues and depending on regulations.Recent technological innovations have introduced the aluminium bats, and other bats made from lightweight, highly durable material. However, the traditional bat used by baseball players is the wood bat.The wood bat is heavier than most bats used in baseball, but it gives better balance to wielders. It is also advised for young players to regularly engage in practice with wood bats as it gives them more power when hitting with bats that are much lighter and easier to handle. The best wood bats are still manufactured with the materials which have been in use for many decades. Wood bats in use in the early days of the game were made with considerably heavier types of wood than what is in use today. Although, the traditional bat is still used by some professionals, other more advanced manufacturing techniques have brought up lighter, more flexible versions of the wood bat.

Wood bats are made to give you a traditional feel when in use, and are as old as the game of baseball. However, there is some stuff you need to know and apply if you wish to give your wood bats an extended life.This stuff will help you take better care of your wood bats.With these tips and advice at your disposal, your bat will serve you well over time.These tips should be out in constant practice throughout the period you wish to make use of the wood bat to guarantee that you don’t get disappointed on the big day. Let’s take a look at the things you need to know;

Maintain the outer finish:

I know that you have seen most pro ballers scrub their bats against another, and this gives you an idea that the practice is for the good of the wood bat. This isn’t entirely true. Although, “boning”, as the practice is fondly called is meant to give your bat a better chance of connecting to the ball upon contact, it ultimately damages the bat. You should note that ball players rarely make use of the same bat for every game, and can afford to bone their bats. If you intend to use your wood bats for an extended period, practicing boning is not advised. The outer finish of the best wood bats is made with a special lacquer which prevents the escape of moisture out of the bat and keeps its treatment intact. Scrubbing your bat against hard surfaces erodes the finely finished surface leaving it at the mercy of the elements which could easily deteriorate the quality of the bat and make you spend extra on getting a new one. 

If you wish to use an unfinished wood bat without the covering, you can decide to bone it as they do not last that long anyway.

Keep your bat properly:

Proper storage of your wood bat can reduce the incidence of it shattering during usage. Wood bats should be stored in areas where there is not much heat or cold. Keeping your bat where the temperature ismoderate helps to keep the moisture of the bat sealed, avoiding breakage, and prevent it from being too dry, keeping it good for usage all the time.

Avoid using your wood bat for stuff other than baseball:

Wood bats are to be treated with care or would become easily damaged. Wood bats are manufactured for use in baseball, and baseball alone. Using it to hit harder surfaces other than the ball may cause the wood bat to crack, and eventually break in two. This is another vital info for you to preserve the life of your bat.

Hit the ball with the label facing up:

This is a common phrase when it comes to wood bats. The wood bat is designed by the manufacturing companies with the company label facing up, and the label is normally situated at the weakest point of the bat. This point up is regarded as the strongest point of the bat which will provide you a better hit of the ball. Hitting with your wood bat label is sure to give you a thrill during usage, and may win you the game with a swinging hit sending the ball out of the arena.

Work on the handle and grip area:

Before using your bat for that next game or practice session, it is vital to tape the handle area of the bat. Taping your bat gives you a better rip, and gives you better control of the bat during usage. There’s several stuff you can use to tape your bat. You can use lizard skins which are available in a wide range of colours. You can also make use of other stuff which is useful in increasing your grip such as tack or pine tar. These give you more rewarding results when making use of your wood bat. 


Working on your bat and providing it proper maintenance will give you rewards in the long run. As we have earlier mentioned, wood bats help in increasing your hitting power and can sometimes make you contact the ball at an angle that’ll provide you better results.The wood bat is a constant presence in the game of baseball and using it keeps you close to the earlier traditions of the game. Wood bats need proper maintenance to be utilized for a very long period of time, and with the knowledge you have acquired from this article, you can maintain your bat and give it an extended life and make it serve you all the way.