A lot of excitement is expected in the NFL playoffs, mainly because several teams have a chance to emerge victoriously. 

Teams that were seen as underdogs have emerged as favorites mainly because of the changes that have been necessitated by the current pandemic. Some teams that were expected to be in contention for the championship have also lost some of their key players, and this has made them weaker. Consequently, almost all the teams participating in the playoffs have a chance of emerging victorious. Despite this, a number of teams have shown consistency, which has made them emerge as the favorites.

But before we breakdown the teams for you, this article is all about adding some excitement to the NFL season so… how else can you enjoy the games this year?

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Kansas City Chiefs

The main source of strength in this team is the ability to make rookies shine. More than half of the team is made up of players who are playing in the league for the first time. This has given the team energy and resilience, whereby it was ranked first at the end of the sixteenth week.

Green Bay Packers

Many people see the coaching prowess brought by Aaron Rodgers as the main strength of the team. The unfortunate thing is that it is not clear whether the coach will still be on the team after the end of this season. Even with the tension between the coach and the team, results have shown that this is one of the teams to watch. This team is ranked third, and this shows that it has all the qualities to challenge for the championship.

Buffalo Bills

The main quality that makes this team stand out is that it has been able to do almost everything perfectly. It won the AFC East completion after a twenty-five years wait. This already proves that the team is ready to challenge for any chance for the glory that comes its way. The second-place ranking is an indicator that the team has all the qualities to emerge as the best team in the playoffs.

New Orleans Saints

There are a lot of issues surrounding this team, including issues related to salary-cap and getting a quarterback. The team has been able to perform well even with these issues, which were expected to slow down its performance. Resilience and determination in the team have made the team be behind only three teams in the ranking. This proves that the team is among the favorites in the playoffs.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Finances have been a problem for this team where some players have openly complained about their contracts. This has not stopped the team from being ranked sixth in the ranked and producing some of the most exciting games. During the playoffs, the team is expected to maintain the fighting spirit and hopefully emerge victoriously.