Free spins are rewards you get either as part of a bonus or a promotion. You may get these rewards from online casinos as a new player or when they want to thank you for your loyalty. Free spins might also be offered as a bonus in an online pokie if you get a correct symbol combination. After the free spins, you’ll go back to the basic game wherein you’ll need to use your money to bet on each or all the pay lines. There are lots of ways to go about choosing what particular pokies machine you should play.

For all of us, this could be an individual choice. For instance, you might want to choose games based on your preference or you may choose based on different software providers you want. However, some of us are after huge payouts and better chances. For that, it is all about choosing progressive pokies with the highest RTP. 

In this article, we will discuss why you should play pokies with the highest RTP in online casinos ranked by Pokies HQ.

Why Play Free Online Pokies?

Mainly, you should play free online pokies because they offer the best online gambling experience, without you spending even a single cent. This not just save you money and time playing online pokies, you also get the real deal of excitement in gambling.

Why Should You Choose Progressive Pokies?

Progressive free pokies machine, just as what other online casinos ranked by Pokies HQ, offer the biggest payouts of any game. Some casino games, like the Mega Moolah slots by Microgaming, are actually seeded with about $1,000,000 from the get-go. This ensures the winner always becomes an instant millionaire.  

Furthermore, some other progressive pokies offer equally alluring prizes, even though they take more time to accumulate. Hence, if you really want to win big, progressive pokies are surely your game.

Additionally, in terms of RTP, some suggest that when the jackpot of the game already gets so high, the RTP will increase. Further, if this is the case, RTP is not really the odds’ reflection anymore. It is only a marking of the amount of money that’s invested in the machine is being paid back to different players.

What Is RTP?

We’ve repeatedly said the term RTP above, but what really is this? In the actual fact, RTP stands for Return To Player. In some instances, it’s also called a theoretical payout percentage, since it’s basically predetermined by random generator per machine. Put simply, we might say that RTP is any pokies machine’s payout percentage.

Final Say

If you’re fascinated by RTP of any given pokies machine, you may find the necessary info online. Yet, if you want to save time and go straight to playing the highest RTP progressive pokies, Pokies HQ has a list of the best ones. 

Visit Pokies HQ now and check their recommended games, which are all as good and fun. Bear in mind that RTP might be dynamic, especially in terms of progressive games. That just means that it may fluctuate at some point.