KSI and Logan Paul – both are well known on YouTube. There’s not even a single boxing fan out there who doesn’t know these two boxers. This fight matters for KSI as well as Logan Paul. This match is about respect as well as fame. Out of these two players, the loser one will definitely face criticism by many other YouTubers. Anyway, we’re going to reveal everything about the upcoming KSI vs Logan Paul 2 fight live stream free. If you don’t want to miss the fun, stay tuned!

Who is Logan Paul?

Logan Alexander Paul is an American actor, director, musician, boxer, and internet personality. The credit for his internet fame goes to Vine. It was a former video sharing platform similar to YouTube. Whatever, when Vine disappeared, Logan Paul began to post on platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

Who is KSI?

Olajide William “JJ,” better known as KSI, isn’t any less talented than the Logan Paul. He’s a British actor, rapper, boxer, YouTuber, and internet personality. He’s well known as the 25-years-old millionaire YouTube star.

By posting gameplay footages on YouTube, he was able to drop out school.

He has also released several diss tracks in the past to make fun of other YouTubers.

Controversy, Drama, fights, and music – this is what revolves around KSI life. In 2016, he released his debut album called “Keep Up,” which was highly appreciated by the people.

When Will the KSI Vs Logan Paul Rematch Will Begin?

Your one of the favorite boxing matches will take place at the Staples Center on 9 November. It’s a multi-purpose arena in Los Angeles, which was first established in the year 1999. The line coverage indicates that the upcoming match would start at 8 PM ET. According to statistics, more than 4 million guests visit STAPLES Center every year.

It’s surprising to note that basketball, boxing, hockey, football, and many other sports events take place here. Those fans who are residing out of America won’t be able to watch the match in real-time. In case, if you fall in the same category, then don’t worry. You can still watch KSI vs. Logan Paul boxing online. You must be wondering how? Don’t worry! We will guide you the best and easiest ways here.

Official ways to Watch KSI Vs Logan Paul Live Stream

People from the USA and UK are tremendously waiting for the telecast. If you are not going STAPLES Center, you can watch KSI vs Logan Paul live streaming boxing match online.

And those who are staying outside the USA can also watch the KSI vs Logan Paul 2 live stream free online.

The Logan Paul vs. KSI rematch will be live streamed on DAZN, a subscription-based sports streaming service. The first fight was streamed via YouTube’s pay-per-view service, but that will not be an option this time around. If you want to watch the fight, you’ll need to purchase a subscription to DAZN.

Those interested in watching the fight can find DAZN on a number of different systems, including, but not limited to, Amazon Fire TV/stick, Android, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, iOS, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Roku and Xbox One. Viewers can also find it on DAZN.com using browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.

If you’re from such a country where the telecast of such matches is blocked, you will have to pay extra money for the VPN, which costs around $6-$10 per month.

Okay, here’s a way to watch KSI vs. Logan Paul free online. Just make an account here and wait for the telecast.

Alright! We know that you have been eagerly waiting to watch KSI vs. Logan Paul fight. You can watch the full match without:

  • interruption of annoying ads
  • access restrictions
  • buffering
  • efforts
  • registration fees