The yearly World Series of Poker event which always takes place in Las Vegas is one that usually leaves a mark on the poker calendar, with hundreds of thousands of players heading to the center of the Nevada desert to play cards each year.

Coin Rivet gave a recent report on what to anticipate from the forthcoming World Series of Poker, which is anticipated to host several other tournaments with new changes and game types.

Nevertheless, the international spread of the coronavirus can stop the event completely as several members will have to fly in from across the world.

Expert poker players; Doug Polk, Mike McDonald, and Josh Reichard have recently been taking bets on the possibility of the WSOP being canceled on Twitter.

“I think there is a real chance of WSOP being canceled,” Polk wrote.

“There are just so many countries that fly in and with severe travel restrictions it might not be realistic.”

The comments made by the three players led to a stir on social media with observers started to guess about the likely effects a WSOP termination can have on the entire poker industry.

Conversely, the WSOP’s official Twitter page reacted quickly to counter the stories by stating: “We are monitoring COVID-19 developments and have no plans to cancel WSOP”. The days ahead will be quite decisive. That said poker players can still carry on with their bets and playing in casinos including Qq poker online which is a popular online multiplayer casino.

Qq poker online is a restricted game and can only be played via the official online gambling site from IDNPlay which offers IDNPoker services.

The introduction of vertical poker players

The days when poker was simply just a desktop thing has gone. Mobile devices have drastically changed the gaming system and are responsible for most web traffic globally in the preceding quarter of just 2019. This huge impact alone is the reason why most poker sites have rebranded and included a lot of enticing features on their mobile poker products. Evidence with changes just within the first few months of 2020 can be witnessed with how poker is being played on mobile phones.

The poker table

A good majority of today’s online poker customers were created even when mobile poker was still an unexplored territory. The grinders focused a lot on multi-tabled on desktop computers and the lone games that worked well on mobile devices and players can get to play free-to-play poker apps like WSOP Poker and Zynga Poker. This is the main reason why including the company’s standard poker table was necessary which led to the creation of the desktop environment which introduced a horizontal design.

The mobile poker race is on

Recently, a group of courageous poker workers has commenced changing the way some basic things work. They chose to make their mobile products valuable so they can remain relevant even after some years. By so doing, they had to:

  • Develop some new features centered around mobile schemes
  • Create advanced mobile resolutions to play poker online

Though this novel strategy may sound almost groundbreaking when you compare how indifferent the poker industry has been to several technological fluctuations that we have seen in the last decade. 

Just like several other online companies, a few poker workers decided to implement a “mobile-first” scheme that resulted in the introduction of mobile-only vertical poker clients.