Gambling in the Land Down Under is pretty developed and highly regulated. Considering that it is the birthplace of the modern slot machine, casinos and other related parties, such as BlueBet, play a crucial role in the country’s culture. 

Did you know that over 80% of Aussie adults engage in gambling, the highest rate in the world? Thanks to this, gambling attributed up to 8% of the state’s taxation revenue in 2015-16. 

This is partially due to the risk-taking culture, where risk and reward reign supreme. Gambling is a commonplace thing and nearly impossible not to be exposed to, mainly if you love to watch sports on TV.

That being said, it’s not all roses and sunshine. For the years of 2017-2018, Australians spent nearly $24 Billion. With such amounts of money crawling around, there are players with ill intentions. 

Finding a Trustworthy Operator

The problem here is not finding a place to entertain yourself while trying your luck online but a safe place to do so. That being said, here are a couple of things you can do to ensure that you are in safe hands.

  1. Licence

Australia is a highly developed country with firm regulatory bodies. For a company to attain its licence to operate within the territory, it has to pass rigorous vetting, and the final decision lies with the Local Regulatory Authority.

As an interested party in gambling in Australia, you can check for a company’s licence online with ease.

  1. Banking Options

As a customer, having fast and unrestricted access to your money at any time is crucial. While shopping around for a legitimate platform to gamble with, always look at their banking options.

It is of great importance that they offer an on-the-ramp and an off-ramp that suits your needs. This comes in handy if you make a killing and wish to get your hands on the winnings ASAP.

Some of the best Australian gambling sites accept the following banking alternatives:

  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • POLi
  • Electronic Fund Transfer
  • BPay
  • Cash
  • Check
  1. Reputation

Trust is the name of the game as far as gambling is concerned. Most companies nowadays have an online presence, which is excellent for research. Please take a minute or two to dig through their social media pages. 

This way, you can feel how “trustworthy” they are before committing your hard-earned money. 

  1. Game Variety

Most Australian players love spreading their dollars over several games. A platform that offers multiple games, i.e., Pokies, sports betting, in-game betting, racing, Bingo, and so on, will be ideal. 

Why? This way, you get to make single deposits and withdrawals. This makes it easier to manage your account.

  1. Mobile Platform

With the fast-paced demand of modern life, you are always on the move. Keeping yourself updated with your bets is impossible if the provider doesn’t offer software that supports mobile access.

With in-game betting, Australians love the ease of access to their accounts regularly and on the go. With a few taps, they get to enjoy similar benefits as those on PCs.

 Advantages to Online Gambling In Australia

 There are several pros to gambling in Australia. These include:

  • A highly regulatory framework that offers you peace of mind while enjoying yourself.
  • It is cheaper to gamble online. 
  • Online gambling is much convenient as you can do it while at your home.
  • Platforms like BlueBet offer more promotions/bonuses than traditional brick and mortar locations.

 Final Take

Many Australians have unfortunately fallen prey to overseas gambling websites that have eventually ripped them off. These sites offer better odds and attractive betting options compared to homegrown platforms.

However, even if you make a winning, withdrawal of funds from the site tends to be riddled with challenges.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority, as well as the Department of Communications, won’t be able to assist if you lose money. Therefore, always go for Australian sites like Bluebet.