The biggest boom in vaping happened in 2017 and 2018 when the usage of vape pens more than doubled amongst teenagers and young adults. A large drop has been noticed in 2020 where many young adults stopped using vaporizers. A large number of users have quit vaping because 2019 was full of cases where users got some kind of lung diseases from vaping and there were also a couple of deaths linked to vaping as well.

Like any other bad habit, vaping with the Steam Engine Dabcool W2 ENail Kit can cause serious damage to your health and it can significantly affect your athletic performance. Depending on the vape juice you’re using, whether it’s nicotine-based or even a CBD vape juice, you can even get addicted to this trendy habit.

There are more than 7,000 kinds of vape e-liquids available on the market. It’s easy to get addicted because you can find fruity flavoured, candy flavoured and even dessert flavoured vape liquids. There are also tons of combinations available. Some of the vape juices include nicotine, some include CBD, and some even include higher levels of THC.

Listen To What The Experts Have To Say

When you take a look at the majority of professional athletes, you’ll realize that most of them run a healthy lifestyle. Not only are they avoiding bad habits such as smoking, vaping, alcohol and drug use, but they’ve embraced the healthy habits we should all try to include in our life. From millions of professional athletes, an extremely low percentage of them were known to have a bad habit such as smoking.

Experts on the topic say that healthy habits have the biggest effect on focus, and physical performance. Having a healthy diet, working out regularly and breathing fresh air is something everyone can do and instead of vaping or having a cigarette, you could run for 10 minutes, do a quick HIIT exercise or even take a walk in the park.

No matter that vaping is still relatively new and there’s not much that can say it has a long-term effect on users’ health, it’s still something you should avoid if you’re trying to succeed as a professional athlete. Like any other bad habit, vaping has negative effects on athletic performance, no matter what kind of vape juice you’re using.

You’ll Have Trouble Reaching Your Maximum Potential

Any type of bad habit will reduce your performance. Some will have a larger effect, some a smaller effect,  but either way, your maximum potential will be much harder to reach if you’re smoking, vaping or living an unhealthy life.

Vaping not only harms your lungs but your entire body as well. After using a vaporizer for a while, you’ll begin to notice a decrease in physical performance. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t be able to run as long as you could or lift the same weight as you could before, but it will become more difficult to do it.

Educate Yourself About Things

The biggest problem with teens and young adults is that they make impulsive decisions on a lot of things. It’s a normal thing, but when it comes to your dreams, you should know as much as you can about things that can have a negative effect on your success. 

There are things you should know about vaping and although there’s much more research to be done, you can educate yourself about vape juices different kinds of setups and other things related to vaping. The more you know, the easier you’ll make a decision to continue or quit this habit.