You have been a huge fan of soccer game and want to be in any one of the Champion league’s teams, when you grow up. Well, you need to be aware of the points on practicing and must start from an early stage. Right now, due to pandemic, you are not being able to get out of your place and start practicing. So, the only solution in here is to look at the soccer training, which can be done at home. You can take advantage of soccer streaming sites, and then look for the training drills to practice at home. Let’s talk about some of the best ones.

·       Try out the cone dribbling:

For starting the list of practicing at home, you can start with the basic, which is cone dribbling. Here, you will need the backyard of your place, a soccer ball and some cones. You have to place three cones in triangle or in a straight line, around a foot apart. Now, simply start dribbling between these cones. Allow the surfaces of feet to control ball. Practice some of the quick touches to ball and then guide it around the cones in a pattern with controlled speed.

·       25’s dribbling:

In this sector, you will dribble both conditions and get to improve your skills. It is a cone drill comprising of 6 to 10 cones, which are set five yards apart. After that, you have to weave ball through cones with your feet. Repeat this process by alternating between inside and outside of feet. Make sure to circle right, and then left around cones.

·       Wall passes:

You can also try out wall passes or juggling. It is one prominent way to practice juggling your ball and strengthening out the reflexes. For this, you will need to be standing around 1 to 3 yards away from wall. Then throw the ball against wall and juggle it with your feet. Make sure to feed it right back against wall and repeat this process until you fail to control it any longer. The initial difficulty level will ease out with practice and dedication.

·       One touch shooting:

This method will help you to get rid of the hesitation while passing the ball. Such hesitations will often cause your shots to fail or miss. Practicing this section will help you to drive through with shot in just one go. It is one of the most promising soccer drills that you can practice at home. Here, you get the chance to not just adjust your body, but your feet and head as well, for managing and perfecting a shot.

·       Push and pull:

Another one of the best soccer drills to be practicing at home, the main focus will be on dribbling skills. This exercise helps in pinpointing muscles in foot, which will strengthen the dribbling. It is a home practice routine, which you can concentrate for improving the results easily. Here, you don’t need any object but just your feet for practicing. Set the foot on ball and then move it from toe to heel. That’s where the name came from. Make sure to switch feet quickly and complete this step 100 times!

·       Roll out and then push in:

If you want to change your dribbling game then roll out and push in is an exercise to work at home. It is one of the best soccer dribbling to come across. For that, you have to set foot on ball and then roll it towards outside of foot. If you want, you can slide the foot to outside of ball and then push it towards opposite foot. After that, repeat this process with speed.

·       Headers:

Even if you are alone at home, still you can try practicing Headers. A proper way to practice this is on goal. Around 20% of goals are scored from headers at top level. So, being a pro in this section is important. This session will be treated more or less same to drill expect that you get to use your head.

These are few of the many at-home drilling sessions that you can try while stuck at home. The accessories are pretty low, so no need to worry about that as well!