When you think about Phenibut, you think about a drug rated to be a supplement that many entrepreneurs and students take advantage of during challenging times. Generally speaking, Phenibut effects are highly appreciated. It binds to the GABA receptors of your brain and boosts your productivity – similar to alcohol, but different effects.

For this reason, the effects of Phenibut are more beneficial:

·         Extra focus

·         Less anxiety

·         Extra happiness

·         Excitement

·         Better thinking skills

·         Better motor skills

To some people, things like Phenibut and Kratom can make the difference. But then, these things can also cause addiction if you exaggerate with their consumption. So, what is the optimal dosage then? You can finemore info about mixing kratom with Phenibut in this article

How much Phenibut you can take

The Phenibut dosage varies from one individual to another. To most people, a generally accepted dose is anywhere between 750mg and 1500mg. Obviously, if you are new to it, you need to start with a lower dose and increase gradually according to how you feel.

The range is quite impressive – double. There is a simple reason behind it – your body weight. If you are skinny, you should start with a small dose. If you are really large, you might need to take over 1000mg in a dose. The dose can also be increased after you get used it, assuming you want a better “high” or euphoria.

For most people weighing around 150 pounds, the minimum dose of 750mg is simply perfect. Based on how you feel, you can increase or decrease it. The same dose is usually applied for other applications of Phenibut, whether you want to withdraw from benzos, boost your brain, lose anxiety and so on.

There are, however, a few exceptions. If you use Phenibut to improve your sleep or overcome sleeping problems, you will need a smaller dose – ideally, between 100mg and 300mg.

Dosage for first time patients

If you have never used the supplement before, Phenibut effects might be a little too strong if you start with the highest dose. First time users should start with the minimum dose of 750mg or even lower, only to prevent any problems.

Some people get along with 500mg. Some others may not feel anything at all with 750mg. Start low and adjust according to the result – it is the safest way to take Phenibut.

Rules to determine the Phenibut dosage

Simply put, the Phenibut dosage is likely to vary from one individual to another. The bodyweight is important, not to mention the way patients feel. Even if you discover the perfect dose for you, it does not mean that you cannot adjust. You can always go lower if you want the effects to be milder or higher if you want more intense results.

That being said, there are two golden rules to remember when you start taking Phenibut:

·         The optimal dose of Phenibut for most people should range between 750mg and 1500mg – less is acceptable, but not more.

·         No matter what the situation is like, do not take more than 2000mg of Phenibut over 24 hours.

Some might say that you can go higher. It is totally doable, but side effects will become harsh. Besides, you can also develop a tolerance to the active substance, not to mention an overdose if you double or triple up the dose.

How long Phenibut lasts

Once inside your body, Phenibut effects kick in within half an hour – less in some, more in others. The so called “high” will last for about six hours. It is not the type of drug to take round the clock, so use it wisely. At the same time, you can split a normal dose over a few smaller doses throughout the day.

When compared to other drugs or supplements, six hours is a lot. You basically get great value for your money when taking Phenibut.

Bottom line

As a short final conclusion, Phenibut sounds great. It is a man made supplement with superior effects that will boost your brain and help you overcome a series of conditions. On the same note, it must not be abused or its side effects will kick in and they might become quite unpleasant. Always check out the prospect for dosage details.